The New York Academy of Medicine's achievements over the past 173 years have been made possible through the commitment and support of past generations. It has been a long journey since Dr. John Stearns' (founder of the Academy) vision in 1847. Yet more than ever, the Academy is advancing the opportunity for every individual to live a healthy life.

We invite you to help us continue our mission for the next generation by joining the John Stearns Legacy Society. Members have expressed their commitment to The New York Academy of Medicine through a very special and important form of financial support.

Establishing Membership

When you establish any one of the following estate plan gifts and inform the Academy of your intentions, you will qualify for membership in the John Stearns Legacy Society.

  • Name the Academy in your will or living trust.
  • Name the Academy as a beneficiary of your IRA or pension plan.
  • Establish a planned gift that provides lifetime income to you and/or your spouse.
  • Name us as owner of a life insurance policy.
  • Create a permanent endowment fund.

Membership Benefits

Your membership involves no dues, obligations or solicitations, but it does allow us to thank you and recognize you for the plans you have made, and it may inspire generosity in others.

Benefits of membership in the John Stearns Legacy Society also include an annual luncheon, invitations to special events and seminars, and a subscription to our newsletter.

The most important benefit you will receive from joining the John Stearns Legacy Society is the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to our long-term success.

By informing us of your intentions, it is our pleasure to welcome you into this distinguished group of supporters who are dedicated to continuing the Academy's mission beyond their lifetimes.